Glamorous Women and a Glamorous Playlist

I love listening to music while I’m getting all dolled up for a night out.   Whether you are going on a hot date, or out with your friends, you have to set the mood!  Every glamorous girl should have a hot play list to listen to while applying her eyeshadow!

I have different play lists for different occasions.  I listen to this play list if I’m getting ready for a date, or going to a fancy dinner or lounge.  (This play list also works if you invite a date over for candlelit dinner at your place, wink!).  Here are some songs that get me feeling sexy and glamorous before a night out:

1. Thievery Corporation – “The Passing Stars”

2. Lemongrass – “Elle et moi”

3. Poe – “Hey Pretty”

4.  Portishead – “Glory Box”

5.  Thievery Corporation – “Lebanese Blonde”

6.  Thievery Corporation – “Shadows of Ourselves”

7. Ivy – “While We’re in Love”

8. Velvet Chain – “Strong”

9. Ivy – “Disappointed”

10. Madonna – “Jump”

11. Morcheeba – “Blindfold”

12. Thievery Corporation – “Focus on Sight”

13. Fiona Apple – “Criminal”

14. Garbage – “Queer”

15. Hooverphonic -“2wicky”

16. Kylie Minogue – “Slow”

17. Telepopmusik – “Breathe”

18. Fergie – “Glamorous”

19.  Depeche Mode – “Strangelove”


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